Our Story


The Mt. Vernon Barn Company saves and brings new life to Ohio's most plentiful and overlooked historic structures, its barns and early log houses. The company values green construction, historic preservation and the creation of unique, open living spaces.

The craftsmanship and materials used to create the timber frames of Ohio barns and log houses during the 19th and early 20th centuries are unique and often of a superior quality than those of modern-day construction projects. The timbers used to create the structures from this time period utilized wood that was harvested and hewn by hand, and assembled by teams of men, oxen and horses--a process that, from start to finish, utilized no fossil fuels. In fact, most of our structures were originally built before the invention of electricity, or the internal combustion engine.


Consequently, these beautiful pieces of our history carry with them virtually zero carbon footprint.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of owning a Mt. Vernon Barn Company structure is the classic, historical aesthetic value it will add to your project. Timber frames are ideal for open floor plans and high, soaring ceilings. Our antique structures maintain a unique, historical look, but are easily adapted to modern day living requirements and amenities.

Our projects are excellent examples of "adaptive reuse,” the practice of adapting historic structures for new purposes. Mt. Vernon Barn Company structures have many potential uses. Our barns and cabins are easily adapted into single-family homes, and smaller frames can be added to conventional construction as great rooms, master bedrooms and baths, garages, studios and other outbuildings, including pool houses, potting sheds and garden barns.

The environmental and financial costs of building new are massive, especially as the necessary resources become more scarce. The concept of adaptive reuse is a way to help create a more sustainable society; one that values both our heritage and our future. Thank you for visiting us.